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about us

Professional team

Provide professional technical support, reliable spare parts supply and perfect after-sales service, multi person professional technical team.

Service guarantee

The same is quality, we are more reliable; the same is service, we are more thoughtful, to provide you with good, fast and perfect after-sales service.

discount price

Factory direct sales, quality assurance, directly to consumers.

About YF

"Quality development, customer first" is the foundation of our business. "First-class service, customer satisfaction" is our business tenet. "Product innovation, technology update" is our strategy to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. "Now we are stepping forward from the beginning." We will continue to pursue excellence, build quality, and pursue "newer, better, and better".

  • 40 years of experience, the common choice of tens of millions of users
  • Professional tailor-made to solve the needs of users in an all-round way
  • Regular inspection visits to quickly solve equipment after-sales problems

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